They Continue To Work Together To Drive a Car


It took a while for Abby and Brittany to master the teamwork of driving. For example, one twin is in control of the gas while the other twin is in charge of the brakes. One twin also has control over the turn signal.

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This means that each twin has to place a lot of faith in the other. Fortunately, they agree that both twins are good drivers! This is great not only for them but also for everyone else who might be on the road around them!

Natural Looks Versus Bright and Colorful

When it comes to getting dressed, Abby tends to favor bright, colorful looks. On the other hand, Brittany enjoys a more muted vibe. This also has to do with their personalities! It makes sense that because Abby likes brighter colors, she is also the more outspoken of the pair!

YouTube/Naked Stories

She is usually the first one to speak up. It is the differences in their personalities and styles that make Abby and Brittany Hensel a lot of fun to be around!

The Possibility of Dating

Both Abby and Brittany understand that how they choose to date and if they choose to become mothers is a topic of curisioty for most. With that being said they prefer to keep these areas of their lives private as the girls are very different people.

Abby stated “Yeah, we are going to be moms one day, but we don’t want to talk about how it’s going to work yet.” For the Hensel twins, it’s all about the compromise, they always try to meet halfway and ensure they are both happy about the decision they have made.


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