Esaret Episode 234 English


To your mother
Why did this happen?

There’s nothing on my mind, Ali. Still no news.
It didn’t come, don’t worry, news soon
We’ll get it, it’ll be fine

Where will my son go to tend the garden?
Don’t go, I don’t understand why I don’t go

Is it new? What are you doing here? They said Ali got sick again.
I was wondering about you here while you were crying
Are you okay when you see it? Do you have no limits?
You’re always in places you shouldn’t be, you’re always leaving me in a difficult situation.
I can’t explain my words to anyone Orhun

You even bothered in vain with Uncle Ali’s wings.
He’s doing whatever needs to be done under him. That’s enough, put an end to this.
I ask you to give it away from me away from us

Wait a minute, be a mom, let’s talk for a while, you’re surprising.
I’ve been thinking of you for a long time but somehow
We couldn’t talk to him that things were not okay.
I’m aware, I’ve always said it, but I’ll say it again 2 2 4 son, everything is clear
You are not on the same level as him, there is this difference in status between you.
That you are now unhappy, which has always overshadowed your happiness
I am aware, I am a mother, that girl cannot handle the rules of this family.
I said but you didn’t listen to my words and you haven’t been at peace since you came.

You couldn’t find that we’ve made some progress on this issue.
I was thinking, I see you were wrong, you always say the same things
You don’t give up on telling me every time
He doesn’t get tired of hearing the same words It’s like I’m giving up on him
there is a possibility
not to open this notebook again
Shut up, son, don’t go away from what you see

Well, Cemal, how did we handle it? But aren’t you, a man with a sloppy mouth?
Come on, let’s go in the fire, come on, relax, we got it done, the next thing is Truck.

I told you not to buy that junk. Aha Bela, it’s on its way. There’s no rush, calm down.
She will be as coy as she is. I’ll bring her temper now. Come on, girl, come on, my beautiful Rifka.
Don’t rub it in your brother’s face

You couldn’t stay where you were, could you grumps?
queen, you were going to grit your teeth a little harder and leave like that.
Don’t let your fever rise now, God forbid you faint somewhere outside.
I swear, will it be okay? I’ll call it.
The goat doesn’t open, Lady goat, I mean hde Where did you go, it’s like the place you’re going to wander around
It’s like this isn’t here, and you’re not picking up the phone No, I can’t stop like this.
Let me go out and see

If you don’t trust me, let’s not get married. If you don’t trust me, let’s not get married.
let’s not get married
How can you say it so easily? We swear our oaths with the promises we made to each other.

How you misunderstood me. I can’t imagine a life without you.
Is it possible for me to breathe without you? I don’t want to get married.
how I say it
You think about it, then you say it in a flash and immediately shout it out without thinking.
You don’t listen to me again, you are behind impenetrable walls
How can I break down and reach you, we are for each other?
How many days have passed since we took our vows for our marriage?

Esaret Episode 234 English

Bey Ali’s symptoms gave the impression of food poisoning at first glance.
This was our diagnosis. But the current course is different. The child’s body is something we don’t understand.
Reacts to things Goes a little further
We need to do it. How do we control the situation now? Don’t be anxious.
We will take it to the floor soon. You can see it with your own eyes. By the way
You need to visit the bank for the documents. Get well soon. Thank you.

Be there, let me handle this paperwork

Hello, Ali, brother Ay Ali, I was wondering how it was, that’s why I called, I have news from you.
There’s nothing coming to me Nothing
It didn’t happen anyway, I mean, if something bad had happened, it would have been known immediately. Is that why you called me?
No, actually I called you for another reason.
Dude, there is only one invitation, but what is it?

Don’t get angry right away, I won’t tell you anything, you just have these special collections, can you get a ring from there?
But it has to be something unique and beautiful, please, Neva, what a ring, what a ring.
invitation. What nonsense are you talking about? Is it your time? I know now is not the time, brother, but what can I do? I’m stuck in a corner.
I know you’re upset too, but there’s no one else I trust with your taste other than you. Please help me.
Okay, once for me, Neva, okay, once for your paw.

Once you get through it, it won’t let you go. Oh, and before you forget something,
I also want the signed version of the drawings, okay? Let it be clear that it is a personalized gift, bro, it will be great, see what it is.
I will have so much fun. Okay, Neema, don’t extend it. If you choose something.
I’ll be on my way to Kule in a couple of hours. Okay, I’m closing it now. Okay.
bye bye everything is flowing
progressing step by step to the point I want
I’m reaching
Well, where did you go in the blink of an eye, impatient?
le What happened? Sweet talk didn’t work, did we stay here? But you are so bad
You’re talking and collecting all the bad energy on us, you can’t start it because of the bad energy. Come on and turn it on.
How’s the hell?

If you are running
What kind of music]
Will you show your son the photo? Madam, it’s not time yet.

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