Esaret Episode 176 English


Don’t do this, don’t be afraid of me
I don’t know right or wrong, what I remember is what I heard.
they are all too heavy
I know it will all pass
believe me it will all pass
Now just when I’m starting to feel like I belong here with you
I’m lost
I used everything so much
I’m looking through a huge curtain as if everything is in pieces.
I don’t know what to do like this
You say you are my husband, you want marriage
You say our marriage wasn’t real at first but then we became happy, you’re worse.
You thought I killed your brother
Now it turns out there are too many of these
My head feels like it’s going to explode
Who are you? Are you good or bad? I don’t know there.

Do not you trust me
I want to leave everything behind now, I’m so tired

It’s so foreign that it’s as if someone chained it and grabbed its arm.
They brought Koda here, in this life, in this marriage
like courage
such a feeling
As you said, you may not remember anything.
maybe you will never remember
But that doesn’t stop us if you only remembered us

[Applause] Well then
I know a way
let’s break up
You can start wherever you want

I have a job, you can go to the office, I’ll go.
sir sister
I’ve solved it, don’t worry, I came to see Nefes now, I’m in front of your door.
It means the breath that will be able to see, thank God, thank God, he took care of it again, he is at the door.
If there was no child, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. I hope he gets custody of him.
I hope father and daughter get together again, I miss you so much.
When so many breaths were lost, we lost our voice, as if we were like this, think about it Kim
He knows what that little boy is like, how sad he is with his tiny loss, in that unlucky person’s house.
I hope they find what caused it.
I overheard and since we’re standing here, you’re going to lose your breath.
I can’t say that it was a very enjoyable journey for me. Along the way, he never stopped making jokes.
But still, thank you for bringing me, I’m guilty and strong
grumpy lady

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What do you want

Damn, I got a restraining order.
you can’t see
There is no suspension anymore, I lifted that decision, take a look.
If my daughter doesn’t show me now, how will I call the police?
How so extension call I call my daughter?
Come for 5 minutes, then get out of here.
Got it?
can you take a look

Your father has come to see you, girl, are you playing games with us?
Let me open it and see where you are, come on, I have work to do, get out.
I say to you
May God do you the way he knows.
Excuse: “Look where my daughter is, she’s sleeping”
Look, you can’t stop me from seeing my daughter with games like this, tell me quickly where did you hide it?
Oh, for sure. Look, I’ve tolerated you until now.
Don’t test my patience. Where is my daughter? Oh, why are you shouting, where are you from?
I’ll find your daughter and bring her to you. I say she’s not there. She was sleeping in her room. What do you mean?
It’s also open in the empty window
Is it overflowing?
What you said is a very serious thing. Are you sure you heard it correctly? Yes.
ma’am. That’s exactly what I heard. You can’t have misunderstood. No sir.
I definitely heard it with my ears, he said our marriage is not real
That’s exactly what he said

My first priority is for you to feel safe and I will do whatever is necessary for that.
I’m ready Whatever you want
I don’t know where I should be or what I should do.
I see you struggling but I don’t know what’s right
I know it’s very difficult
But don’t cry

You don’t have to make a decision right away, your heart will show you the right path.
I believe
No matter what decision you make, I will always be with you.

Mr. Orhun, I’m sorry, I brought your coffee here because I couldn’t see it in your room.
Is it a purchase?
Breathe Girl, I’m here, where are you?
How are you, lover, tell me something, the man is running around in front of us, he said, “I don’t have a wife.”
Why are you bothering me, go away, Nefes, if you’re here, don’t hide, come out, daddy, I’m here.


Oh my God, I won’t go from here to there
Dear Rashid, I can’t call a child from now on.
Anyway, she has no inheritance, girl, if there is no inheritance, give her inheritance, if you are angry, her inheritance is angry.
heritage street
drink some water
This happens not because a person falls into the water, but because he cannot get out of the water.
I read a saying like that
It’s like he’s describing me, I accept that he fell into the water
But I would never let you drown I want to be okay
will be
Hello Mr. Pınar Orhun, we will present the final version of the press release you prepared for Ms. Hira.
I’ll take a look and let you know
I have a little job to do. You can go to the room and rest if you want.

Let me take care of your meals and let’s have a coffee.
What happened to your ships in the Black Sea?
It sank, sister, what ship is it? I just brought coffee to the garden.
Ms. Hira is crying and she is sitting so sadly. Orhun Bey is comforting her.
I don’t know, I was very sad when I saw them like that.
He doesn’t remember. Of course, he’s worried about him, but he’s back safe and sound.
His memory will come back, of course it will get better, but he should be careful.
It’s like destruction is becoming destruction
Let me see, I’m confused about something [Applause]
This poor guy’s inside is falling apart too
He is an emotional person, he has a soft heart
Do you see the moon? I was going to add beans.
How am I bro?
Oh brother, I don’t like seeing you like this.
It’s possible, Urfali, I wish I could take care of your troubles and you would feel at ease.
just now
sometimes every


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