Esaret Episode 171 to 176 English 2 Week 3 Recap


Esin didn’t let me go out of the house. She wouldn’t even let me look out the window in case anyone saw me.
She said we had enemies. I believed everything she told.
Anyone would believe. I didn’t go out of the house.
I took care of Rıfat. He was a good man.
You saw him. He was sick. He didn’t talk. He didn’t move but he was listening.
I could see it in his eyes that he listened to me carefully.

I told you, he was a good man.
I also cleaned and cooked at home. That’s how I used to spend my time.
But it wasn’t easy. I used to draw pictures to relax myself.
I told you. Otherwise I would have been very bored.
She had no right to put you through this. Yes. And I wish he hadn’t hidden the truth.
I would still care for Rifat if she said she needed help.
I wish she hadn’t taken me away from my real life.
It’s over. Those days are over.

Before you found me, there was always something missing. But it is fine now.
When I left the hospital the day I fainted, my feet took me to the beach on their own.
Does the sea ever call? It called me. A feeling drew me there.
I heard that call right here.
Since the day you left, for a year, I’ve called you every day.
We lost track of time. You must be hungry, I’ll prepare you something.
Do we forget anything? Help me!
Help! Help us.

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Please hide us. They’re after us.
Who is after you? My brother and and. They’ll kill us. Help us. Suna has an ankle injury. She can’t walk.
Please help us.
Go inside. Thank you. Where are you? Come out!
Scoundrels! Please don’t give us to them. Wherever you go, we will find you.
Go inside. But you… I can’t put you in danger.
Don’t run away! Where are you?

What’s going on? What do you want? Are they in there?
Calm down and tell me what you want. Stop it and tell me. Are they in there?
I won’t warn you again. We’re looking for my sister.
There’s a man with her. Look for them elsewhere. This is my caravan.
Let’s check that way. Okay. Let’s do it.
You will never put yourself in danger again.
Come here. They’re gone.

You saved our life. God bless you. Tell me why they are after you.
I don’t know what to say. We love each other. Yes. Very much.
Is it too tight? Thanks, I fell better now. The cream I put on will help.
Keep telling me. His father gave his permission for you to get married. And then what happened? We’re about to get engaged.
At the last minute a rich man wanted to marry Suna. When my father saw the money, he backed out.

I’m not as rich as that man. I mean I’m not rich.
I just made up with my father-in-law. Money doesn’t matter when you love each other.
Tell that to my father. He’s not having any of it. He’s determined to marry me off to that rich man.

I couldn’t stand it. We said we’d run away together and we did. And they came after us.
Looks like you survived, but only for now.
You cannot escape for the rest of your life. What else can we do? I’ll tell you what to do.
You’ll call them and invite them here. No, please. Don’t do this to us.
But you… I’m going to talk to them and settle it. No way. They’ll kill us.
We’ll just go. Pretend you didn’t see us. Neither my father nor my brother are people who can understand.

There is no end to running away. If they leave you alone, fear will haunt you.
Even if we convince my father, it is impossible to convince my brother. He doesn’t care.
Trust him. If he said he’d settle the matter, he will.
He doesn’t promise what he can’t do.
It is difficult to face the truth, but running away is not the solution.
Stop! Hira!
Give me back my past. Help me remember.
If you want real happiness, you have to solve the issues once and for all.
Only then will your happiness last.
It’s very nice. Yes.

It’s really beautiful.
Okay, call my dad. Tell him to come.
Tell me his number.
What if they hurt him? Calm down. He won’t let them hurt him.
He will make everything all right. Don’t worry.
You scoundrel! You kidnapped my sister. I called you here for a quiet talk.
If you can’t talk, leave. There’s nothing to talk. We’ll take my sister.
I told you you can’t go in the caravan. I won’t give you Suna! If you talk, let’s talk.
Or leave! What will we talk?

I don’t like to beat around the bush. You’re doing wrong.
They love each other. It’s obvious. Otherwise they wouldn’t do this kind of thing.
If you love your child a little, we can settle this right here.
I… One day you’ll see that your daughter is very unhappy.
Are you okay with it? She’s my daughter. I want to do whatever I want.
My daughter may be very sad, but she’ll forget about this poor man.
I got it. You are not in a position to understand this tone.
Okay. Let’s talk like you.
How much do you want?

How much? How much do you want for your daughter?
Like you pay it. We want 2 million. Okay?
Write your IBAN. Do it!
Okay. I sent it.
He sent more.
This is not about money. I’m thinking about my daughter’s future.
Promise me. You won’t stop Yusuf and Suna from getting married.
I promise. I promise. Then let’s say this issue is resolved.
Suna. Come on.
By the command of God and the word of our prophet…
God bless you. I am humbled by this kindness. The money you gave me is a loan. One day I will definitely pay you back.

Don’t think about it. We’ll get you a good job. You’ll pay a little from your salary.
How about that? God bless you! God bless you too.
Everything is fine now.
Make a beautiful home and be happy. If we invite you to our wedding, will you come?
Of course we will. We will.
Give me your phone.
I saved my number. You can reach me. -Have a good trip. -Thanks.
Thanks for everything.
I had planned a caravan trip for you to relax, but these young people were not in the plan.
That’s okay. You’ve done a good thing.

And I realized how right I was in my feelings about you.
You’ve done a good thing. You brought lovers together. They’re happy thanks to you.
They deserved it. People who love each other deserve happiness.
And I… I had a great time. Thanks for everything.
Is something wrong? The windshield wiper’s out of water. I have to clean it.
Shall I help you? No, I’ll do it.
Are you okay?
I remember the water. It’s awful. The water was very bad.
Water? It hurts everywhere.
Why? Why is it like this? Calm down.
Take a deep breath. Tell me what you remember.
Tell me. It was horrible. Someone was torturing me.
With pressurized, stinging water. He hurt me.

It’s like I’ve got thorns everywhere.
I couldn’t see his face, but it was a man.
It is very painful to remember these things.
I want to smash my head. Open your eyes. Look at me.
Here I am. I’m with you.
Do not be afraid. It’s okay.
What’s in my past? Who is torturing me?
Don’t you know anything? Who was torturing me?
Let’s take some fresh air. We will talk about all of it.
I wish everything you remember would make you happy, but it won’t.
You’ve been through bad times. We did together.
I want you to remember everything. But if I could, I would erase some memories.
Why do you say that? When you remember everything, good and bad, everything will fall into place.

You said we had a happy life.
Yes, we did. But your life wasn’t always easy.
When you first came to Turkey from Africa, you had a bad experience.
Can you be a little more specific?
Please tell me. Tell me. I have to follow the doctor’s advice.
He said it wouldn’t be good for you if I told you like this.
Your mind will refresh itself. You will remember by yourself. It’s the right thing to do.
Keep two things in mind. First, we have overcome all difficulties and made a happy life for ourselves.

Secondly, I have the answer to everything you remember.
Whatever you remember, sorrowful and difficult, come to me first.
Don’t be afraid to tell and ask. I have an answer for all of them.
Do you feel better? I guess.
They’re here. We caught up with them. Welcome.
Is everything okay? That’s okay. We brought you something. Why did you bother? There’s no need.
Of course there’s a need. Orhun saved our life. We can’t be thankful enough.
It’s not a big deal.
Since you’re here, let’s eat together. We’ll prepare together. I got it.
Okay. I’ll do it. I’m coming.

Where are you going? There’s a an important situation I need to take care of.
So I need to go to the factory. Go to sleep. I’ll take care of it and be back.
When will you come back? As soon as possible.
Is something wrong? No, I just wanted to know.
If you don’t want to be alone, come with me.
Don’t let me stop you now. I’ll wait for you.
Where are you going?
I know you said factory, but I don’t know if it’s near or far.
I’d better take care of it from here. In that case, I’ll have to make some phone calls.
I can make you coffee if you want. No, thanks. I’ll be in the workroom.
If you want… You take care of your business. You’re in the mansion anyway.
If you still want to come… I’m going to the room.
It’s me. Don’t be scared. Are you okay?
I’m good. No, you didn’t see me. I used to be invisible in the dark, so I’m invisible in the light now.

So from now on, I’m going to walk in the light.
So you won’t be afraid. I’m not scared. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you something. I moved Orhun’s things to your room.
Why? He wanted that. I put it all back. I lined it up with my own hands.
Everything will go back to the way it was. Thank God. Are you happy?
Okay. Good night. Sleep well. Good night.
You couldn’t sleep again. Was I too loud?
No, you are as silent as a butterfly.
When you can’t sleep you breath too much. You keep turning on the bed.
You know too much about me. You know me better than I do.
I know you. That’s true. I know you have too many questions.
Ask me. You can ask me whatever you want.
My head is empty. I’m trying to fill it.
Part of me is safe with you and part of me is very anxious.
Fragmented memories. Sometimes I can’t understand the looks.
You find it hard to put the pieces together. It’s as if there is only one missing piece and if I put it back, everything will make sense.
There’s a thing but I can’t understand. You and I…
I mean we… We do everything together.
But… Why…

You’ll say why don’t we sleep together.
Once you remember everything, we’ll pick up where we left off.
But I’ll sleep there until you feel better.
But this smell is so familiar.
It’s like there’s something I want so much, but I can’t remember it.
You’re right. There is one thing.
It’s your past. One night when I couldn’t sleep, you put this under my pillow to help me sleep.
Go to sleep. Sleep well.

Good night. Good night.
Take the stones to your room.
He loves Ms. Hira very much. Yes, he does. If only Hira could get back to her old self as soon as possible so they could live their happiness.
Ms. Halise. You were going to make pancakes. Ali will go to school. We left the kitchen with Mr. Orhun’s order, Ms. Aslı.
What do you mean? They’re making pancakes together.
I mean Mr. Orhun and Ms. Hira.
You taste it first. Let’s see how it turned out.
I won’t let my family eat food made by a murderer with blood on her hands like you.
I don’t even give them to dogs.
Maybe it looks bad but it can be tasty. Taste it.
As usual. What does it mean? It’s good. Both the look and the taste.
I have work to do. Okay. I’m waiting for Ali.
Okay. Aliço is very lucky.
Your pancakes are delicious. Thanks for the pancakes.
Smells so good.

I can take it. You’re tired. Can I do it?
Sure. You made too much.
I’ll drop this off and take it to Orhun when I come back. I thought everyone would eat the rest. Orhun doesn’t eat breakfast.
He starts the day with coffee. It’s obvious. Can you make coffee for him?
Of course I will. I’ll take this one.
Do you need anything, Ms. Aslı? I wanted you to make pancakes, Ms. Halise.
But you’ve found a good formula for avoiding work. Well done.
Pancakes are here.
Did Aunt Halise make it? No, I made it. Really? Yes.
Your uncle helped me. I think it’s okay. Thanks. As long as you ask, I’ll do my best.
Have a seat. Come on.
Take it.

It’s so delicious. Nobody can make it soft like this.
Good appetite.
We collected stones but I couldn’t find the one I wanted.
Shall we? I’ll be right back.
Thanks for everything. Sure! We’re here and waiting for you everytime. How much is it?
I’m going to bathroom. Come in.
Thank you for keeping the memories I’ve lost.
We took children’s bicycle. They’re happy. Don’t worry.
I was falling. You won’t. I got you. Don’t worry.
Okay. First, calm down. Take it easy.
Put your foot on the pedal.

I got you. Come on, put the other one. But then I’ll fall.
You won’t. I’m here.
It will be easier for you to balance when the bike is moving.
Now start pedaling.
Let’s try again. What were we doing? First we calm down.
Put your foot on the pedal slowly.
How is it going? Are you still afraid of falling? No.
It’s very enjoyable. I feel like I’m flying.
Now you’re ready. I’m not ready!
Why did you let me go? You’re riding by yourself. No, I’m not ready.
I’ve helped you this far. But after that, it’s on you. Focus. I know you can do it.
Don’t stop pedaling. And whenever you fall, remember I’ll catch you.
Come on.

I did it! I can do it.
How do I get out of this nightmare? Who am I?
God, help me.
It was him. He’s the one who did this to me.
Oh God. How could he…
How could he do that to me?
He’s the one who tormented me. I saw. I remembered.
It was no one else.
Why didn’t Hira come? I’m so thirsty. I don’t know.
Let’s go see if she’s in the kitchen. Let’s take these ones.
Come with me.
Do you need anything? Where’s Hira? I don’t know. She’s never been here.
Aliço is thirsty. I’ll give him water.
She can be in the living room. I’ll go check.
Ms. Hira? Are you okay?
Ms. Hira. Are you okay, Ms. Hira?

She doesn’t look good. Is something wrong?
I’ll let them know. So it wasn’t a real marriage.
Everything I try to remember as good and beautiful is a game.
It’s a game to punish me. At first it was.
But then everything changed. I changed.
I learned the truth. I realized what you’re really like.
I saw your heart. I asked you, the woman I love, to marry me for real this time.
And you said yes. Then that accident…
Am I really as innocent as you say? Of course, you are.
You can’t even hurt an ant.

There is also a video that proves your innocence.
I wanted to tell you this when I first found you, but the doctor wouldn’t let me.
He said it would be too much for you and that I should wait.
And it happened as he said. You were impatient. But at least you know the truth.
All I know is what you told me.
What I remember is just a moment.
I don’t know how long I was tormented.
Maybe I was unhappy in the moments you say we were happy.
When you remember everything, there won’t be any unanswered questions.
I feel like I’m in a black hole. I keep going round and round. Maybe I wanted to run away because of what you told me and how you tormented me.
Maybe I never wanted to marry you, maybe you forced me to.
I know nothing!

You will understand when you remember. What if I can never remember? What then?
Will I have no choice but to trust you? We’ll wait.
We’ll wait for you to get better together. You will remember little by little and I will tell you every moment you remember.
Good memories and bad memories. Believe me.
No one can help you but me.


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