Esaret English Episode 178


you did it all

Brother, did you make a contract with the roosters? It would be more accurate to say that I woke up at this hour and did not sleep at all.
Maybe he couldn’t sleep, but
My brother-in-law is the man who hurts him a lot, what about you, Güven?
Just that, Trust skin thing, you know what they say?
It’s epic socks. Take them off. Yes, it will feel like a sock, easy to put on at home.
You, I already trust him, but I, my brother, from time to time
patience patience patience you will remember
Why did you wake up or did you make an appointment?
Not me but good morning
Morning Sheriffs are welcome, good luck
Thank you, I’ll tell you a story now.
I’m hungry now but I can’t get enough of tea
then something to eat right away

I had the tea pot in my hand, are you okay?
Well, let me know too. It’s best.

My princess woke up from her beauty sleep Good morning princess
Stay, let’s see if this little belly of ours is ringing.
Do you know what time it is now, my princess?
pick up time
Don’t worry my dear, you will wake up at home every morning with me nearby.
and morning hug
oh come on then
So you run away from home, there you go, you deserve it, this is my favorite watermelon, giggling.
Fatih, you brew the tea, I’m coming with my little one’s pastries, I would go bro, I’m already gone.

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Esaret English Episode 178

The most important issue in the electroshock process is the correct adjustment of the amount to be applied.
This may cause the memory to be permanently erased.
The subject of the book You Are Wrong is Aslı sister
If I convince him to have this treatment at the clinic I arranged, I will solve my problem completely.
The books I put in my bag are wrong
I need to put it in. Oh my God, I got it mixed up.
Will I put these?

Your uncle surprised Hira sister yesterday. Coming soon, Hira will tell me everything.
He said he would remember but I don’t want to wait at all
Of course, what did you say? If your uncle says so, he is right.
But why did you say but?
However, we should not get our hopes up too much, we all want Hira to remember the past.
We want it very much. Uncle is trying very hard for this, but Hira still hasn’t made any progress.
Doesn’t remember about the past

Do you want to have breakfast? Shall I prepare something for you?

I liked it very much, good job
I tried to restore it but it didn’t work. I also tried to make a new bracelet.
I tried. You stayed up all night, didn’t you, compared to what you did for me?
What does it mean so much to me?
In our lives, instead of forcing the pieces to be renewed, just like this bracelet, we start from scratch.
Gotta start Just like you do Maybe I’ll be in the study

Did Ali wake up? Yes, but he is not very well. Why is he sick or something?
Or did he have a fever? No, no, don’t worry, he’s not sick or anything.
If you have time, can we talk a little?

Good morning Mr. Kenan, good morning, how is your breathing good now, but let’s say for now.
I hope the case will be concluded in your favor as soon as possible and father and daughter will never be separated again. By the way, I hope you
I couldn’t thank you, so you had to run around a lot while trying to breathe, thank you very much.
I will So you don’t have to go anywhere
It would be nice if we all had breakfast together and you could meet the breaths, but we were going to have it with sister Nurşah.
I was going to ask him to come too, but he wouldn’t like our breakfast very much, my lady.
No, I don’t think so. If he comes, I’ll come too.

Once it came out of his mouth, Kenan, whatever we should do, if he wants to come, let him come.

Why did you come? You forgot to take money. We met Mr. Kenan, he called us for breakfast, where is he?
We exchanged greetings on the road. When he learned that I was going to buy pastries, I bought a lot. He said, “Let’s eat together.”
He said “you can meet me” I won’t come But if you want to go then I won’t go either with the breath another time.
I’ll meet you from now on. If you want, I’ll buy you something else besides pastry. No, pastry is good.
Why did Mr. Kenan say, referring to you, that our breakfasts do not suit him well?
He said it doesn’t fit, so let’s go and see.

Ali has been in a bad mood lately and he didn’t even want to have breakfast this morning.
I wonder why he’s having trouble at school?
His mind is always afraid that you won’t be able to remember the past, and he worries his little heart.
Really, but it doesn’t show to me at all.
He acts like he’s fine and happy because he doesn’t want to upset you.
You know Ali is a very sensitive and mature child for his age.
I know he has a very special bond with you.
He wasn’t talking. But you solved this problem.
You are so special really my only concern
If Ali’s disappointment continues, he will remain silent as before.
in case he can’t talk

I made you sad too. I wish I hadn’t told you. It’s good to know. No, no.
I was thoughtless. Your troubles are already enough for you.
You’re trying to live in this mansion without remembering anything, it’s so hard
I think if I were you I would never
I couldn’t. You are a very strong person.
Because I try to do my best, my son never leaves me alone at all times.
tries to support
So, is there nothing that can be done other than waiting?
an alternative treatment method, etc.
He mentioned the treatment but did not recommend it because it had great risks.
Yes, I’ve heard of it. What kind of risk is it? Is it a vital thing?
If there is no death in the end, I would try every way
Because I guess that’s what happens


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