Enhance Your Discord Presence: A Guide to Displaying Your Activity


In today’s digital age, connecting with friends and like-minded individuals through online platforms has become an integral part of our lives. Discord, a popular communication platform, not only allows you to chat and engage with communities but also offers a unique feature: displaying what you’re currently playing. In this article, we’ll delve into how you can effectively show your current activity on Discord, ensuring your online presence stands out.

Activating Discord’s Rich Presence

To get started, you’ll want to enable Discord’s “Rich Presence” feature. This feature allows you to showcase your current game or activity to your friends and server members, making your interactions more engaging and fun.

Open Discord Settings

Begin by launching your Discord application and clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom left corner, representing your user settings.

Access ‘Activity Status’

In the user settings, navigate to the “Activity Status” tab. Here, you will find the options to customize your online presence.


Connect Applications

To display what you’re playing, ensure that you have the game or application running on your computer. Discord will automatically detect compatible applications and games. Click on the “Add it!” button to link the application to your Discord account.

Customize Your Status

Once connected, you can customize your status message to provide more context about your activity. Feel free to add a witty comment or share your achievements to spark conversations.

Benefits of Sharing Your Activity

Now that you’ve successfully configured your activity status on Discord, let’s explore why it’s a valuable feature to utilize.


Strengthening Connections

Sharing your current activity allows your friends and server members to see your interests and preferences. This opens up opportunities for meaningful conversations, whether it’s discussing the latest game you’re playing or planning a gaming session together.

Networking within Communities

In gaming and interest-based communities, displaying your activity helps you connect with individuals who share your passions. You can easily find others playing the same game or engaging in similar activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Collaboration Opportunities

For content creators, showing your activity on Discord can attract like-minded collaborators. Whether you’re a streamer looking for co-op partners or an artist seeking inspiration, your current activity can serve as an icebreaker.



In conclusion, effectively displaying your current activity on Discord not only enhances your online presence but also opens doors to new connections and opportunities. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can make the most of Discord’s “Rich Presence” feature and elevate your Discord experience.

So, why wait? Let your friends and fellow Discord users know what you’re up to and start engaging in exciting conversations today!


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