Dilan’s Feeling of Guilt | Kan Çiçekleri 158 English



What are you doing
I asked you
What are you doing
I was thinking about the design
I was very impressed
very nice and inspiring thing
special and original
Do not touch

I don’t want anyone to touch this
Especially not yours
How is it son? Did you like it?
You are so beautiful mom
your face is like an angel’s face
Everything suits you very well. This is also very nice.
It suits me dear, it’s always beautiful, the one who looks beautiful is beautiful
I am my son who sees, always in return for God
I hope you get the best ones

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I this thing this writing
in the hands of a betrayer
too clean to transmit
God what did I do
How much effort did he put into this design?
he was next in line
He poured all his strength and determination into
with throat
this is so bad this is so bad
Don’t waste your time, do it faster
have it prepared

Let’s see if you like your surprise, Baran.
Black Bey
His reputation is unlikely to be ruined
I went to a kitchen
let me go to the kitchen
Master, the first day
a person has a purpose to live
He said there must be a purpose
Then to me

Have you found your aim and purpose, Karaoğlan?
he asked
I thought a lot. Then what is my purpose?
but then i found it
Since the Prosecutor inside me I must discover
then he could kill Baran
I couldn’t afford this

I stole your happiness to protect you
It hurts so much to have to do this
it burns
Forgive Me Baran
your dreams to save your life
I killed


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