Baran is being shot! Episode 159 English


Dude, social media is booming, what about you?
by design
look, this is so much

Well, I swear it created a bomb effect in the country.
Bro it’s yours
look at the design comments

daddy so much

I am pleased
Baran, can we talk a little now?

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Where are you Baran, I need to talk

Have you seen the one with the rose, no bride?
Ma’am, I haven’t seen anything for a while?
If you do what I say no one will
won’t die
if you don’t
your husband Baran Karabeyi and all
I will destroy your family, nothing, Rose, OK.
Oh my God, what if I do something to him?

Thank god

You’re fine, I won’t tell you everything as soon as possible.
to you sabya
I don’t trust him to risk harming you.

I can’t get it, you got it right, let’s go back early
I’m in a hurry, I’m feeling restless, I say inside.
I don’t trust that woman at all.
Look, you’re wasting yourself for nothing.
One by one Of course girl After all
How will he harm his child?
I hope so, where are these mom?

They don’t open, tell me, stop.
wait, answer, okay, don’t worry
Stop Rain Rain Rain Rain I’m in
I see there is no rain, mom, where is mom?
Girl, wait, they must have fallen asleep, Cevdet.
Girl Cevdet, where can you talk to a man and girl?
Where are they not? Ah, he missed it, he missed it.
I swear he kidnapped the girl, the moon kidnapped her
The moon kidnapped the girl, I swear she kidnapped her
translation Stop stop okay okay okay Oh what
we will do
Cevdet missed votes and kidnapped our daughter.
Cevdet our daughter

Everything now
You will learn what’s going on
I will tell
to you sabiha
I didn’t run away from your threats
I didn’t go to any
I wanted to protect you on the ground
I just know so much
I broke you, I disappointed you
everyone But most of all
your favorite
but to protect you

You did it, now you know everything

You need to know that I will not upset you

Does it make people sad?

No I love

I can’t be

one month short
What can I do from the evening and the night?
dawn strikes from the night
from the window
Mountains from the chimney
How is it?
Are you sleepless from last night?
what’s up what’s up
Wake up from the night, wake up my dear, hug me to your chest
My eyebrow my passenger

senen wake up
Waking up, what do you care, Wrap Me Mountains
Don’t open the haram
I’m miserable
I am the Almighty
I succeeded
you made me fall
It’s winter my passenger
cold how can i do it
If I am your degenerate heart, destroy it in me
What’s wrong with me?
Why was it the right way?
surprise me mountains
It’s winter my traveler
I’m miserable


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